Linux Contributions Are Up

By , September 17, 2013 3:27 pm

Are you a Linux fan? No secret here I certainly am. So my opinion may be a touch bias here. Yes there are some things I wish the OS would do differently, but when it comes down to it the same can be said of any product.

Well it appears the mobile market is pushing the further updates and contributions to Linux. According to the article Samsung, Texas Instruments, and of course Google have all increased their contributions to the Linux kernel in the past year:

The report covers development focused on the work done between Linux 3.3, released in March 2012, and 3.10, finished in June. More than 1,100 developers from 225 companies contributed to the kernel in this time period.

I find that pretty significant. It demonstrates continued enhancements and contributions not by a small section of the technology community but amongst major companies as well. It is an example that Linux is a staple that just about everyone is using. A viable tool in the technology tool belt.

Full article from PC World: Linux gets a boost from mobile

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  1. Honestly, most of these contributions probably represent mobile devices. So while it’s great that Linux is getting love from these companies, it’s mainly because they are all producing custom hardware.

    What’s more exciting to me is contributions to OSS end user software. OSS android applications and the like. Kernels are important and nice, but end user OSS is where it gets visibility.

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