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The Summer Of Our Discontent

It's been an eventful six months. With Dad passing away in January, and my car accident at the end of April, there seems to be a constant flux of emotions and activity that floats in what appears as an endless sea of unrest. Those are just personal notes -- I haven't even touched on the world events. Ukraine, Russia, and the unimaginable gun violence that continues to erode our society as an inoperable tumor. The thing about that last one is that surgery is possible to remove the tumor, but there are those that refuse to green light the operation.
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It's Been A While

When I started writing this blog it was my intention of two things: 1) I would have no deadlines, and 2) I would write on a semi-regular basis. None of which I have done, but that has more to do with life than anything else.
My intention to stay away from strict deadlines is, because, this is not a job, it is meant as a creative outlet for myself. I can't write for the sake of writing -- I can only write when I have something to say or share. Which brings us to this post.
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Google Ouroboros Day 0

Thank God. It's over. Thank all Google technicians, the ones I spoke to, and the ones I didn't, on getting my situation resolved. I can now say I've once again reclaimed access to my account after, rather stupid and foolishly, locking myself out with bad and outdated recovery information preventing me from getting back in.

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Google Ouroboros Day 11


I have been trying everything and any link I can think of in order to get back into my Google account. All have proven fruitless. As I've said repeatedly what angers me most is given how valuable our accounts are (I'm assuming we all have important items on gDrive, gDocs, gSheets, etc.) there would be a few more options by Google in order to help us get back in when disaster hits. Not just two options.

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Google Ouroboros Day 7

Rightly or wrongly, I've decided to start tracking my correspondence with Google One. As one can imagine it is a simple circle of stock replies of how they cannot help me beyond what the current infrastructure is in in place. I get that. My frustration lies in the fact we cannot move past that. Instead of repeatedly explaining to me the limitations of the current system, what can be done to move beyond this?
  • Can you bump this up the chain?
  • Can you forward my suggestion as an enhancement request?
  • Can this be looked into?


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