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When Outsourcing Gets Hacked

When your outsourcing gets hacked: (via PCW) Chinese hackers go after third-party IT suppliers to steal data / http://www.pcworld.com/article/3187362/security/chinese-hackers-go-after-third-party-it-suppliers-to-steal-data.html | #SaaS #PaaS

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The Aging 911 Systems for our First Responders

Ghost calls and the aging 911 systems: (via CNet) How our 911 emergency call system can fail us / https://www.cnet.com/news/how-our-911-emergency-call-system-can-fail-us/

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ECMC Heathcare Data Breach

When data breaches hit healthcare:



So far so good:

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Who was that masked man?

Catching up on some new stories:

Who was that masked man? (via PCW) Twitter sues the U.S. government for demanding it unmask critical 'alt' account / http://www.pcworld.com/article/3188287/internet/twitter-sues-the-us-government-for-demanding-it-unmask-an-alt-account.html

More on the Twitter Lawsuit:

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Changing the Culture of Buffalo Sports

The Buffalo Sabres and Bills are a lot more like the Chicago Blackhawks, the William “Dollar Bill” Wirtz era Chicago Blackhawks, then fans would care to admit. Pro sports is all about culture. A culture of winning breeds winning. It makes not only the franchise lucrative but it also becomes an attractive place to be a part of for front office executives, player free agents, and draft picks.


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