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My Google Ouroboros

I'm going to say at the outset I've done something stupid. Really stupid. We all have from time to time. There's something about serving as a warning to others. Don't do what I did. Of course, like many frustrating situations, you don't know what you've done until after the fact. As was in my case.
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Best Encryption Messaging Apps

It is no revelation that I am always on the look out for good messaging apps. In the Apple Ecosystem there is iMessage, and that's basically it. Even though many other apps are available too few people that I come across ever investigate them. (Which is really a shame.) I am sure that it is because Apple restricts their users to iMessage not so much for E2EE capability but to send SMS messages for those outside of the iMessage network. In other words standard antiquated text messaging.
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Defining Rules For The Never Closing Eye

Technology is always ahead of the legal aspects. Engineers ask the question, "Can I?" Lawyers and other stakeholders ask, "What does this mean?" I wouldn't be surprised if this takes a similar path to end-to-end encryption for messaging. People want privacy. The governments say they want it too, but just as long as they have their own back door. As soon as one is created then the system fails because a hack into the system has been purposefully created. So true it'll be with facial recognition.
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Top 5 Reasons RCS Doesn't Matter

 There has been a lot of running commentary on the technical news front over the last several days regarding the announcement that the Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative(CCMI)

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Holiday Message 2020

It has been quite a year. First with the COVID pandemic raining down in March; then Mom's passing at the end of April.


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