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New XAMPP with MariaDB

A move away from MySQL, the Apache Friends XAMPP group now features MariaDB in their release.

A personal note, I've used XAMPP for years in order to develop various projects. Its so much easier to bundle the tools needed (PHP, database engine, Perl, etc.) then to install individually particularly in a test or development environment. I tend to get everything installed at one shot, and then begin developing what I may need.

It's currently ranked 25th:

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CrowdStrike: Not Even 30 Days

I guess we file this one under "it didn't last long. In fact it didn't even last 30 days. It would appear the world of economic espionage continues to roll just as it did before, and it will no doubt continue regardless of what political factions are currently in power. Its a cottage industry onto itself, and the business industry just continues to operate its regular day-to-day affairs.

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Google Book Scan Legal... far.

Concerned about copyright? The US Court of appeals has ruled that the Google book scanning project is not a violation of intellectual property.

The court "...found that the project provides a public service without violating intellectual property law."

Agree or disagree, there's sure to be more litigation.

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Windows Latest Patches Include Win10:

The patch addresses a flaw in how Internet Explorer handles objects in memory. Which leads me to my standard response, "Friends don't let friends use I.E."
(via ZDNet) All versions of Windows affected by critical security flaw /

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Apple Badgered By Chip Suit

Looks like the University of Wisconsin is accusing Apple of stealing their microchip technology. The patent was issued in 1998, and the Badgers filed a similar suit on Intel in 2008:

(via BBC) Apple facing huge chip patent bill after losing case /


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