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Weeding: Making a Decision

In case you missed it an excellent article on making a determination on weeding, establishing policy, and guidelines for weeding a library collection. The most important thing to remember as it relates in the K-12 environment is that a school library is not a museum.

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iOS Malware: YiSpecter

I admit if there's any apps titled "情涩播放器”, “快播私密版” or “快播0” I'd have my druthers on installing them:

(via BGR) Researchers unearth scary new iOS malware, but Apple says it won’t affect devices with iOS 8.4 or later /

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Marshmallow Roll-out

Are you ready for Android 6.0? Here's the update list on phones to get Marshmallow: (via ZDNet)

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The Phishing Angler

Sounds very phishy. It takes advantage of Flash, Java. Shocking: (via BBC) Cisco disrupts $30m Angler hacking operation /

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Infographic: Non-fiction | Fiction eBook Categories

From SLJ: Includes an infographic on the most popular fiction and nonfiction eBook categories in schools:


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