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Need for Enhanced It Skills

The need for an enhanced IT workforce:

"Research from BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, suggests that as many as 57 per cent of digital leaders believe there is a need for enhanced IT skills among their existing workforce." (via ZDNet) Office collaboration in the classroom /

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The Hacking Rate Increases

For those that hadn't noticed it already:

The Hacking Rate: "We're hemorrhaging information at a dizzying rate..." Definitely not a good sign. (via Reuters) Big U.S. data breaches offer treasure trove for hackers /

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Bookstores: Not obsolete

For the 'No surprise' department: Bookstores are not obsolete. (via NPR) The Technology Of Books Has Changed, But Bookstores Are Hanging In /


  • Author's note: I've decided to add the tag aBooks for actual books to be used to differentiate from eBooks.
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The Audio File Send

Chirping Files: Sending files via an audio signal -- (via BBC) Will Britain's Chirp be drowned out by Google Tone? /

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Apple: Patents and Anti-trust Rulings

Verdict in on patent infringements (via WSJ) Appeals Court Affirms Samsung Infringed on Apple’s iPhone Patents /

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