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What To Know About Stagefright

For the latest news on Android Stagefright: (via Android Central) The 'Stagefright' exploit: What you need to know /

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Android Pay

Interesting point:

"On October 1, 2015, merchants who don't support chip-and-PIN cards will be held liable for fraudulent transactions. To avoid this, merchants will have to update their credit card terminals to support the new cards, and it just so happens that they'll likely also support mobile payments." -- See article for details:

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Marshmallow Is Coming

Set for update this Fall. When respective carriers will roll out the update is always a big money question: (via Verge) Android M's name is Marshmallow /

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DDoS Increase In 2015 2nd Quarter

The lesson here is if it’s on the Internet it’s hackable. 7% in 2nd Quarter of 2015, and 132% from this time last year:  (via PCW) Attackers increasingly abuse insecure routers and other home devices for DDoS attacks /

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Privacy Guidelines for eBooks

Important links I'm placing here for reference:

(via American Libraries Magazine) New Privacy Guidelines for eBooks /


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