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Jeep Hacking Aftershocks

The aftershocks following the Jeep Hacking event:

(via Wired) After Jeep Hack, Chrysler Recalls 1.4M Vehicles for Bug Fix /

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What is USB Type C?

What USB Type C is all about. Including faster charging and bi-directional adaptors: (via CNet) / Your next phone could have USB Type-C (and that's a good thing):

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The SMS Hack

The easy hack: texting, and the delay in rolling out an update on Android: (via NPR) Major Flaw In Android Phones Would Let Hackers In With Just A Text /

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Ubiquitous operating systems, Ubuntu phones, and YOU!

Okay. So it’s a work in progress as far as battery life and a few other kinks, but so was the iPhone1 and Android Froyo. These things need to start somewhere: (via BI)


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