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Authentication Issues Continue...

Less of a cloud, more of a mist: (via ZDNet) Microsoft Outlook, Skype, OneDrive hit by another authentication issue /

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Self driving cars need a good layout...

As always it's location, location, location: (via CNet) When it comes to self-driving cars, not all cities are created equal /

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Leave your device at home...

Do not BYOD: (via BBC) Electronics banned on some US flights from Middle East /

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Unplugging the water cooler...

IBM is going to begin to curtail the option of working from home. The claim that the water cooler effect with its unplanned meetings leads to greater collaboration and innovation. The notion is you need that physical interaction.

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Not the audit you were looking for...

Shooting yourself in the foot: (via PCW) Some HTTPS inspection tools might weaken security /


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