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Libraries in the Internet Age

A special thanks to Don Watkins (@Don_Watkins) for passing this video along. It echos something I've mentioned many times before. Libraries and librarians are the original information managers and, more importantly, the Internet didn't/doesn't make them obsolete. Rather the Internet has enhanced the library in being able to provide the comprehensive, effective and correlated information.

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High Price of Suffix Extortion

The cost of cyber-squating. To purchase those DNS names to protect your brand things can get very costly:


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The Pony Express Returns

No, not that Pony Express, the eCommerce one:

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Firefox Certificate Issue

Bypassing the certificate: (via ZDNet) Mozilla pushes out fix for Firefox opportunistic encryption flaw /

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Now That's Mobile Computing

Now that's mobile computing: (BBC) Google announces budget-priced Chromebits and Chromebooks /


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