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Gnome 3.16 Upgrade

A sleak new look: Gnome 3.16: (PCW) GNOME 3.16 is here with reimagined notifications and visual upgrades galore /

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More on OS and Browser Shares

More on the Browser/OS Wars: (via ZDNet) Six surprising facts about who's winning the operating system and browser wars in the U.S. /

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Most Popular US Web Browsers

via (ZDNet) Most popular US web browsers, according to the federal government /
Total browser statistics can be found here:

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Its A Question of Comfort

It's a question of comfort level, and that can only be answerred by the individual. If you're a lover of technology you'll embrace it. If the reverse you'll avoid anything tech like the plague. Either way the world of tech moves forward with or without you, and the technology that you choose is ultimately based upon an individual's risk/reward.

I write this because as I was reviewing the latest technology news I found two contrasting articles inches away from each other on the tech page.

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