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Problems In Cloud City

If you haven't noticed there was a great disturbance in the cloud. Here are a collection of Amazon Web Service news stories from today:

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Cyber-security: iOS Is Not Immune

A friend of mine often says, "Do you want to make sure all of your devices are secure? Unplug them from the Internet. Exactly. For all the benefits of "the Internet of things" [IoT] they're all susceptible. If it's on the Internet it can be hacked. Plain and simple.

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Verizon Yahoo Purchase

News stories regarding the recent acquistion announcement of Yahoo! by Verizon:


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Sabres: Sink or Swim

I haven’t written for some time so I thought I’d throw up a blog post entry. We’ll start off small with a sports related item. Specifically a Buffalo Sports related item.

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Yahoo's Long Journey

There's no escaping it. This was the big news of the day. Here are some news articles relating to Yahoo's long journey:


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