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An Eye on Innovation

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Call it ingenuity. Call it effective problem solving. When working on one project it becomes necessary to invent a new technology to obtain a larger goal.

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More Than Just a Standup Desk

The stand up desk is becoming more and more popular. Now someone has taken the idea one step further: the hamster wheel standing desk. For when standing all day is not enough -- you need to combine the benefits with a treadmill.

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Copyright Shades of Gray

Copyright is one of those dubious items that seems like it would be straightforward until you get into the details and then different shades of gray emerge.

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Sounds Like Scrubbing Bubbles

This one is for the

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The 18 Month Phishing Hole

Sadly apparently this had been going on for quite sometime. However, a good point the article brings up is Goodwill outsources payment processing to outside technology firms.


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