Google Ouroboros Day 11

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I have been trying everything and any link I can think of in order to get back into my Google account. All have proven fruitless. As I've said repeatedly what angers me most is given how valuable our accounts are (I'm assuming we all have important items on gDrive, gDocs, gSheets, etc.) there would be a few more options by Google in order to help us get back in when disaster hits. Not just two options.

Over the past several days I've been working through every financial institution I can think of to update my recovery settings. Every financial institution -- every single one -- has given me an option to have the security code phoned to me in addition to SMS texting. Every. Single. One. Not Google.

Recently I tried the latest recovery link that was suggested to me: []. Below is the stock Google email reply:

Hello Google user,
Thank you for contacting us about being unable to access your Google account. We've looked into your account and confirmed that it is still active, so you should be able to log in normally.
Please try logging again. If you can’t remember your password use this form and select “I don’t know my password”. If you can't remember your username, but still have access to the email address you used to create your account, you can regain access to your account by selecting "I don't know my username."
If you are having other problems signing in, please go to this form to troubleshoot your issue.
The Google Accounts Team
I want to say thank you for nothing. A response to a form tells me that my account remains active. Thank you; I knew that, but obviously you did not read or at the very least your bot did not read my problem. I can't receive the code. Help me for heaven sake!!! No one is questioning it.
Again, and I can't emphasize enough, every institution that I have dealt with thus far in updating my account recovery information has given me an option to have the security code phoned to me. In every instance I have been successful. The only one that hasn't has been Google. If this isn't a bell ring for Big Tech anti-trust legislation I don't know what is. Something all politicians should make a high note of. I know that I am an ant against the scale of the universe, but if this can happen to me it has already happened to others. My domain names, the items in my gDrive, the docs and sheets that have been shared to me by others -- all go through my Google account, and I know I'm not the only one out there that does the same. There needs to be some sort of oversight. Why does Google persist on not assisting its users to the fullest extent, and also have no independent watch dog the way other institutions have? The data we all have stored within the Google ecosphere is extremely important to us. That's why we put it there for safe keeping. In the gCloud, but then to be cut-off without every avenue being exhausted is negligent. We all have our money saved in our bank accounts, and yet I was able through proper security measures either by phone call or, as I stated by having the code phoned to me, able to fix my error. With Google it's either these two options or none as if they can't be bothered to go any further even though the stakes are so very high. Why is that the case?
Google, I know the error was mine, but it remains gross negligence that you persist in not assisting me. I want back in my account so I can fix my error so that this doesn't happen in the future. I want in today. I want the code phoned to me today. This is a desperate plea. Please and thank you.


Thanks for posting your saga. I am in the same exact situation. Were you able to get your Google voice transferred to a new account?

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In short I was lucky. I was able to find a Google technician that would listen. That was the only way this could happen. From there they sent me instructions, verified my idenity, and I was able to correct the disasterous mistake I had made. So always be sure to have your account information updated. That is what I promised them I would tell others in similar situations. Paying it forward.

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