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SQL Server: Coming to a Linux Box Near You

There was a little shock in the database community today. Microsoft will be releasing a version of SQL Server database engine to run on Linux. A version, at least a release candidate, should be ready at some point (depending on which article you read) mid-2017.

Why is this a shock? Well. It's Microsoft v. Linux. Yankees v. Red Sox. Maple Leafs v. Canadiens. Bears v. Packers. Dodgers v. Giants. Android v. iPhone. Both sides each had their advocates and, both sides, generally speaking that is, didn't really mix. Open Source v. Microsoft was a form of taboo. After all it was Microsoft's best [financial] interest not to have a SQL Server version that was Linux compatible. It was, quite understandably, looking to sell you Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, and the list goes on.

So why the change of heart? One word: Diversification. Hey, I'm certainly no business technology expert in what the next future wave will be, but it doesn't take one to see that as the Open Source side of the house is ever increasing. Have you looked at the latest web browser statistics? Internet Explorer had a 6.2% share since the start of 2016. In March 2006 that share was at 64.7%. In November 2002 it was at 83.4%. There are many contributing factors for that decline, but it is a decline. And that's just a browser. What will it hold for the other companion products from Microsoft? Just ask any FoxPro users.

It was always in Microsoft's best interest to not make a Linux compatible version of SQL Server -- until, of course, it suddenly became in their best interest to do so. MSSQL has been holding steady behind Oracle and MySQL for a time (see also: Database Rankings). That's what today was all about. Keeping one's options open. A continued shift and a move to greater diversity in the Microsoft suite. I'm sure they'll be others, but today it was SQL Server.

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I'm also including this older post regarding SQL Server on Linux from July 2011 for reference [throwback] purposes to demonstrate the shift in business philosophy:
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Hey, has anyone asked Oracle/MySQL what they think of this?