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Tweet 20K: A Thank You


Thank you for following me.


Based on what the analytics tools tell me I have now passed 20,000 tweets. Yes, I’m in a state of shock myself. That’s a pretty significant number that I never expected.


If you’ve followed my personal Twitter account at @wnylibrarian you are no doubt aware that I attempt my best by day, to tweet, and re-tweet, articles that I feel are personally important relevant information regarding technology, trends, that affect both us individually and those that affect libraries, and my fellow technology colleagues. Whether you’re a librarian, database developer, database administrator, or involved in the technology industry in another capacity I sincerely hope the past 20K has been informative and entertaining.


That is why I say thank you. Thank you to those that have followed me for the last five years; thank you to those of you who have recently hooked on my tweet branch.


Thank you sincerely for finding me interesting enough to follow, and don’t think for a moment that I don’t appreciate that. I know on the Twitter vine there is a lot of chatter out there, and I also know that by nightfall my tweets shift to a more sports related theme. That is what it is. What I am. We are all not one thing. We are the sum of our parts. We maybe librarians, DBAs, developers, but we are also musicians, artists, hackers golfers, runners and yes, sports fans. It is the composite of this that makes us who we are. What motivates us to do what we do in our lives both at home and at work. To me Twitter has become a great tool in both professional and personal relationships, and I’m thankful to those of you who’ve I had the opportunity to meet, and hope to meet in the future at conferences and seminars, or haphazard chance meetings at the local pub. Thank you again.


Here’s to another 20K!