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Haven't Been Around Much Anymore

Hello Interwebs,


Sorry I haven't been around much. Specifically since last August. There's been a lot. I've learned a lot. Lessons that I needed to learn, but there is always a poignant quality to a training by baptism under fire situation.


What did I learn?


1) Basically there are some amazing dedicated people in the healthcare industry who work hard in the best interests of their patients.


2) The healthcare industry is a legalized racket in many situations. Corporations are about money. That is no surprise and we all know that, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the fact when our minds are flooded with a deluge of emotions and analytical thoughts of things that needed to be done. They act as a cloud that muddies the waters.


3) I despise nursing homes. I acknowledge their existence. I acknowledge the fact there will also need to be some sort of similar institution, but the nursing home in the "traditional sense" that we think of it needs to be significantly overhauled. Granted I don't myself have a solution presently, but I'm confident that a think tank of some minds -- non-corporate minds who's only god is the almighty dollar -- can come up with something that is not only better, but dignified.


* * *


I want to get back to writing more. At times it can be therapeutic after I've distanced myself from events. I may or may not write regarding my experience over the last 9.5 months. We'll have to see. Some of those items are intensely personal, but that shouldn't be a crutch for not writing. It's time to get back into the swing of things and get back on a more normalized schedule, and that means posting.


Hopefully all of you will hang with me.