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Project Epoch

Hello Interwebs,


Recently I wrote about making a concerted effort in my time management, tracking different projects, and attempting an overhaul of how I track and accomplish tasks.


An outgrowth of this is my self awareness of how I do things is what I'm describing as Project Epoch.


Project Epoch is a challenge to myself, for one month, to keep track of time spent on specific activities so I can get a baseline:


  • Driving (commutes to work or personally related).
  • Office work.
  • Golf management (I'm the secretary for my league and there are occasionally items that need to be addressed as overall management of the league away from the course).
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Visting friends.
  • Sleep.


The plan is to track these items over a one month period: July 1 - July 31. If all goes well I *might* continue past July 31, but much like any diary the challenge is to keep up with it. I've downloaded the app Toggl to assist with the progress.


If you are interested in time tracking management and attempting to get the most out of each day I encourage you to join in for the month.


As always please feel free to leave your comments below.