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Dealing With Spam Calls

Hello Interwebs,


Like high and low tides, the volume of spam phone calls has been on the rise in the last couple weeks. I've noticed it on my land-line, my mobile phone, and my work phone. It is downright annoying. In a country where it is getting increasingly difficult to reach an agreement on anything there remains two fronts where people are united: taxes and spam calls.


It made me start to contemplate, whether you're an Android or iPhone user, what would be the consequences of implementing a toggle switch where only numbers that are in you're contact list are allowed to ring, and if the caller is not in the contact list then get routed right to voicemail? That way on the off chance that the call is legitimate from say, a new business client or vendor, then they're not blocked and they're free to leave a message. Later the user can add them to their contacts so that in the future the call can be allowed to pass through this level 1 filter.


In a small way I'm doing this already with a work-around using Google Voice. I have Google Voice permanently set to "do not disturb" mode which forces all calls to voice mail. This is the number I give out to doctor's offices, pharmacies, airlines, and any other businesses I deal with.   If When they they sell my number and I fall on a robocall list I won't be bothered -- they're going to voice mail. When the doctor's office calls reminding me of my appointment fine -- it's going right to voice mail. When my Parents call me on my private carrier line -- the phone rings and I answer.


That is how I manage incoming calls. Perhaps it's not the greatest method but it is something. I still think though a toggle switch, "only those in your contacts" are allowed to ring your phone is a possible option.


What do you think? How do you manage your incoming calls? Please feel free to leave your comments. I'm interested to hear how others deal with the spam world.