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A Period Of Transition

It's been a period of transition. There is no doubt about that. I focus hard not to discuss personal matters on this blog, but sometimes life events push the envelope in that direction. We are in the clutches of a pandemic which has done nothing but expose our lack of preparation economically, politically, and socially. We have had the point hammered home of what things are important and what are non-essential. Remember when many prayed that their team would win the Stanley Cup, World Series, Super Bowl? Do those things seem as essential now?


Don't get me wrong. I'm a sports fan. Sports equals entertainment. Movies equal entertainment. Going to dinner to a pub with some friends is entertainment. We need entertainment as a psychological break from the stress of playing adult and all that emotional baggage that goes with work, bills, and family.I'm not discounting the importance of entertainment. What I am saying is when placed against health and safety it loses every time. It's a nolo contendere.It's also why a phase opening makes the logical sense. A pandemic isn’t about re-opening stores on Boxing Day after a Christmas Holiday and business as usual. COVID-19 is still out there.


Whether people want to admit it or not the theme of the year 2020 is A Period Of Transition. I’ve had my own transition of losing my Mother during the crisis. I had to explain to family and friends just how the things were going to be handled. Churches are closed. There was no memorial service. None of those traditional aspects we are accustomed to that take place after losing a loved one. It wasn’t easy.


2020 is a transition between working from home, adapting to a new lifestyle, and to a large extent being force fed a self evaluation process between what is essential and important and what is not. Call it a self weeding project where we take inventory of where we are as a person, as a member of society, as a nation, and how all the spokes of the wheel connect. Its probably a long time in coming, and if we weren’t to do it voluntarily then I guess nature had to give us a shove. A pandemic is not a good thing. Human lives have been lost, and continue to be lost every day. It’s a tragedy. Life has changed. Life is going to change. There is no going back to the way things were before. 2020 is a period of transition so we can be prepared for 2021 and what challenges it has in store. Hopefully we’ll all be in a better state of mind when it becomes time.