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Holiday Message 2020

It has been quite a year. First with the COVID pandemic raining down in March; then Mom's passing at the end of April. (You can read more here.) There certainly have been challenges, but Dad and I have gotten through them. We both remain in good spirits. It's possible that the main reason is that both he and I are at peace -- primarily in the way that Mom passed.


It is said the first year -- the first holiday -- without a loved one is the most difficult, and while it will always be a void now, and in subsequent years, I know that both my Father and I are on the same page on this. We miss Mom, we wish she was here, but not at the cost of her being held up in a nursing home. Particularly in this year of 2020 within the clutches of the pandemic where the nursing homes are their most virulent in terms of the cauldron that is COVID-19. As the pandemic spread in March Mom said on more than one occasion, "There is no way she ever wanted to return to the nursing home...". Her six week stay in 2018 following her fall was enough. No. It is not something my Mother wanted, and strong willed person as she was she went out very much on her terms. Putting her head down and going to sleep. Really. Who could ask for anything more?


So it is with that perspective there is a strong sense of comforting in it all no matter how odd it may seem. Again, we are both at peace, and even more so during this holiday season when such feelings are shared more openly by all. We spend our days watching sports and movies when I'm not on the clock working from home. I am truly blessed. In a pandemic environment how could there ever be a better arrangement?


Dad and I both want to extend to you a very special and warm filled Merry Christmas and Happy 2021. We wish you nothing but our heartfelt best for a safe and healthy new year. God bless.