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Google Ouroboros Day 7

Rightly or wrongly, I've decided to start tracking my correspondence with Google One. As one can imagine it is a simple circle of stock replies of how they cannot help me beyond what the current infrastructure is in in place. I get that. My frustration lies in the fact we cannot move past that. Instead of repeatedly explaining to me the limitations of the current system, what can be done to move beyond this?
  • Can you bump this up the chain?
  • Can you forward my suggestion as an enhancement request?
  • Can this be looked into?
This is where my frustration currently resides. As I indicated in my previous post I'm angry with myself for such stupidity, but let's be blunt. A lot of people have committed similar actions without thinking. To me this would be no different than had I entered in my land line into the recovery code box. I certainly would not receive a text message containing the code then either; I would be willing to bet others have done that.
The key point is I'm continuing to receive phone calls to my Google Voice number, and that's a good thing for people to contact me. I cannot receive texts. There, as repeatedly stated, is my dilemma, and it is not something I'm about to let go of because its a fixable problem. No matter how much Google pontificates otherwise it is a fixable problem. Most often dumb mistakes may take a little elbow grease but they can be fixed. This issue is showing an unwillingness upon Google to go that extra mile and provide an option to have the code given via an automated phone call the way many banks and other financial institutions do. This includes Amazon as I indicated in my previous post, and to hide behind security is a simple cop out. Please Google, don't speak to me of your desire for security when you're having the code text via antiquated SMS protocols. If you can send it through SMS you can certainly send it via an automated message like every other financial institution does. By not doing so you are demonstrating an unwillingness to assist users. Google's actions, or inactions, speak far more than their words.
Sending me links to forum articles in no way assist me. More has to be done.
Below is the response where I am told outright there is no escalation path for account recovery. My question is, why not? As for the links provided in the message below, all they do is resend you back into the forever loops of sending the verification code to the wrong email and a phone number that I no longer have access to. Try another way? It never provides an option for an IP address or anything. It only sends it back to your phone number entered. Try another way from the phone number option? It sends you back to an email address I no longer have access to. Ouroboros. Does this seem like a system that's attempting to exhaust every option for account recovery, and I'm not just speaking of the enhancement request for a phone option, but an escalation process?
Now full disclosure, I've always been a fan of Google products up until now, but you can imagine how much my faith has been shaken in all this. I do not trust the process. I also will not be letting this go. Most of my important professional emails are house in the Google ecosphere, and its not something I can so casually cut the cord on. They are there because I didn't trust my home equipment. Hard disks fail. Disasters happen. It was a conscieous decision to move to the cloud, and believe it or not I do not regret it because the items are not lost. They are there. Google simply refuses to take additional steps. This really does not reflect well on Big Tech.
Again, any additional exposure would be appreciated. Please continue to reshare, and be sure to continually review your own recovery account settings to make sure there is not any outdated material entered.
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Via Google One Support: