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The Summer Of Our Discontent

It's been an eventful six months. With Dad passing away in January, and my car accident at the end of April, there seems to be a constant flux of emotions and activity that floats in what appears as an endless sea of unrest. Those are just personal notes -- I haven't even touched on the world events. Ukraine, Russia, and the unimaginable gun violence that continues to erode our society as an inoperable tumor. The thing about that last one is that surgery is possible to remove the tumor, but there are those that refuse to green light the operation.
It's a lot like weight loss and getting in shape. Many things are like weight loss, or quitting smoking, or any other topic you wish to insert. Talk is cheap, but what steps have been taken to achieve the goal? In using weight loss as the context the reply might be a lot of things.
  • I have joined a weight loss club.
  • I have joined a gym.
  • I've purchased a bike.
  • I've purchased a treadmill for the house.
Okay, all good points. Have you enacted upon these items?
  • When did you last attend a weight loss club meeting?
  • Well, it's been a month, but I've been busy.
  • When have you last been to the gym?
  • Well, it's been a while, but I intend to go back after things calm down at work (which never happens).
  • When did you last ride the bike?
  • It's in the garage. I've been waiting for warmer weather.
  • When did you last use the treadmill?
  • Oh, I sold it. Since I purchased the gym membership I really haven't used it.
  • How much weight have you lost?
  • None.
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Decades.
So in all of this you've been able to identify what needs to be done, the steps that are necessary, but have repeatedly failed to enact or take action on any of them.
So it is true with everything else. There is nothing except a parade of excuses, and no action. So on the next office visit the scale and blood work is worse than the previous, and the final excuse is made that I've tried a bunch of things and none of them work. Frustrated you give up when in practice you didn't act on anything you set out to do.
So here we are. A summer of discontent. Guns, violence, prayer services for the victims, and no action on actually solving the problem. Lip service to families of fallen loved ones, and then a return to politics with no movement on action items the vast majority agree need to be done. Nothing changes until action is taken to change. So here we are. The first step to achieving any goal is to move toward it.