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Zoho App Review: More Then Just E-mail

If you’re a Zoho user and didn’t catch it the Zoho Corporation has finally released an E-mail app for both Android and iPhone.


This has been a long time in arriving; not sure what took them so long. Either way, though, it is here. Previously Zoho users had to use the indigenous mail app that comes with their flavor of smartphone. That can be cumbersome at best.


My initial review is very positive. It is very clean looking and straight forward to use from the moment you download it. They automatically carried over my signature file without me having to re-do it for my device. That’s a small thing, but you’d be surprise the number of mail apps that don’t do it; you’d think it be simple since you’re authenticated into your account anyway -- wny not carry it over if one exists? Zoho did a good job and they even integrated Zoho Calendar with the mail app -- something I hadn’t even expected. So I give them special kudos for that forward thinking. The two biggest things people need are a way to check their calendar and email. Everything in my view then branches off from there.


The Zoho app can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes.


I give it 4 our of 5 stars (keeping in mind no one gets 5 -- there’s always room for improvement).


1. Full disclosure: I’m not in any way associated with the Zoho Corp. I’m just a humble librarian user. If the app was crappy I’d have said so too. In fact, I’ll go as far as even saying that Yahoo! could stand to learn a thing from both Zoho and GMail. In recent years Yahoo! both via the web or mobile app has become increasingly frustrating to use.