10 Things Teachers Need to Know

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Specifically, this is 10 things classroom teachers need to know about school librarians, and it comes from this blog post at “Trust Me, I’m a Librarian” blog.


Special stars for numbers 2) and 3) on the list.


2) We love collaboration is a no brainer. I think sometimes this is often overlooked. Libraries integrate with programs. It doesn’t mean the flow of information is in a singular direction -- it goes both ways. Its a partnership and when cultivated and properly run everyone benefits.


3) We are technology people at heart. Darn straight. Librarians are technology. Librarians are adaptive to emerging trends. If someone sees no value in technology, in social networking vehicles; then the library science field is not for them.


As I’ve said many times before librarians are the original information managers. Only the technologies have changed from printed catalog volumes to card catalogs to the first machine readable cataloging. From monks transcribing in a monastery to the most current database engine of your choice. The fundamentals are the same. The information management concept remains the same. Librarians have always been there. The need for librarians will always be there. We. Are. Technology.



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