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I'm sure the libraries thought it was a good idea at the time. Now, less so. This is not meant to be a political or ideological commentary. However, and there's a big however here, a business's job is to maximize profit not to maximize service. That is what it is. It is what it will always be. It is an economic law. Sometimes services are enhanced, upgrades, because both sides have a common goal. That's when it seems like a rose could never smell as fresh. Eventually though the bloom comes off the rose, and what's left is something divergent not convergent, and a horrific horror (for both sides mind you) is left as a long term consequence. A person or persons can do anything with the well good intention for the "common good." However, as soon as money starts to change hands, and I'm not talking operating expenses here I'm talking a for profit margin, things are irrevocably changed. You have changed the nature of the original intent, and there's no going back. There are countless news stories quoted as, "Their profit margin was not as high as their forecast originally projected." Can't tell you how many times I've read that. As if the company cut backs were because they were taking a loss. No. No they weren't. They were turning a profit. There was no bleeding red. Its not as if they were breaking even either. A profit is still a profit. Try better next quarter but let's not try and spin it as a loss.


As in my original point things change when it is "for profit." Things change dramatically. For profit agencies should never enter the public service sector, and this article is a prime example as to the reason why.


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