The Privacy Battle

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In keeping with the privacy theme this week here is a link to a NPR interview with Mikko Hyppönen -- described as a "white hat" hacker. The NPR article identifies the moniker as one of the good hackers.


He makes a clear distinction on what this privacy battle is all about. He states,

This is not a question of privacy against security. It's a question of freedom against control.

When you think about it in those terms you quickly realize that while both are dangerous, one as a philosophy is far more dangerous then another. Security can be liken to measures put in place to prevent theft, robbery against common thieves searching for banking numbers; credit card numbers. The other is more cunning. More dubious. It wishes to control what you read, what you view, and by that point of view control your enviroment.

Think about that for a moment. If you lived in an enviroment where there were only green cars you would not know of any other kind. It wouldn't even occur to you that a car could be any other color except green. Thereby the car manufactuers could then control your perception of what color a car is. There is no option. Your options are green or, green. You would not even protest to advocate for another kind of color. This is the way it is, this is the way it always will be. It wouldn't even occur to you it could be any other kind of way. In this scenario you are being controlled, and that's the kind of freedom that is handed over without one even aware they're doing so.


View the article for more details:

(via NPR) Protecting Privacy In The Digital Age

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