Yes Virginia, Television is Waning

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This probably can be filed under the "No Surprise" category, but two fairly recent articles point to the fact the use of television is waning. One is from Pew Research; the other an article from ZDNet.

Pew recently published a look back at changes in both political and social economic changes in the preceding 12 months. However, it was #6 -- Americans more attached to the Internet and Cellphones that actually caught my eye more then anything. Obviously these things go hand in hand, and are something that did not exist prior to the age of the smartphone. One enduces the other. Since its mainstream usage in the mid-1990s the World Wide Web was becoming increasingly popular. However, it was confined to laptops and PCs. As a result the addiction was restricted. Technology had not yet caught up with a transfer method to feed the addition. Now it has. So it is to no surprise that now with the Internet in the palm of everyone's hand, in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices the Genie is now out of the bottle. People are able to feed their unsatisfiable craving for all things Internet.

Here are the articles:


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