Its A Question of Comfort

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It's a question of comfort level, and that can only be answerred by the individual. If you're a lover of technology you'll embrace it. If the reverse you'll avoid anything tech like the plague. Either way the world of tech moves forward with or without you, and the technology that you choose is ultimately based upon an individual's risk/reward.

I write this because as I was reviewing the latest technology news I found two contrasting articles inches away from each other on the tech page.

Personally I'm a gadget/tool person. I welcome any tool that'll make my work, either professional or personal projects, easier. That said my personal comfort level does have limitation. So it was with a mild amusement that I came across these articles. I trust no one is amazed by the first. Don't be shocked that there's hacking going on in there! Let's face it everyone, if you connected it it then becomes accessible, and if it is accessible it can be hacked. That's pretty basic. So the individual's risk/reward balance is based upon the simple question Is it worth it?

I love my smartphone. I love it as a tool. I love the fact I can pop on the GPS when I need directions, or stream AC/DC over Bluetooth over my car's speakers. There are, however, limitations. I realize as a user that anything transmitted is data collected, and data collected has the potential to be hacked. There's no magic wand here, but as a consumer I've made a value judgement that I use what I need and is helpful and I discard the rest. Personally I cannot imagine what I can do if my car is nicked or bumped into while parked in a lot. If it could prevent it from happening in the first place I might be more interested, but it seems like I'd have to hire a personal automobile body guard for that to actually happen. I'm not thrilled, but there's little I can do to save my car from wreckless shopping carts while I'm at the grocery store. So I cannot imagine getting a text from my car saying its been damaged. Perhaps I should text back, "K. CU when I get out." It's just not a risk/reward that seems worth it to me.

If it is worth it to you that's perfectly acceptable. In the end that's only a question you can answer yourself.


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