Professional Outline

Below is an abbreviated outline of my professional skills and experience. If you wish to contact me for a complete resume including former employers (omitted for privacy reasons) please click here to send me an E-mail.

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Gary Ciszewski, MLS.

Current position: Library Automation Specialist
  • Activities include software/data installation of Integrated Library System (ILS) software, record maintenance, record ordering assistance to district participants, provision of telephone/on-line assistance of supported programs, and basic instruction/review of automation processes. ILS systems include proprietary database systems and MSSQL.
  • Responsible for record management and ILS troubleshooting for K-12 schools.
  • Creation and maintenance of in-house database (MySQL) to track participating members and cross-reference their data.
  • Creation of web-based statistical submission system (PHP/MySQL) for member libraries to report inter-library loan statistical information and integrated MS Access reporting system for submission to State Education Department.
  • Creation of [library] check-in attendance system integrated with customer’s ILS (MSSQL/MS Access).

Skills required: Database Design, Database Applications (Microsoft Access), Database Management, PHP/MySQL, MS SQL, Visual Basic, SQL, Linux, Dreamweaver, HTML, Drupal CMS, Web development, Phone Tech Support, Customer Relationship Management.

Library Manager and Staff Coordinator: 2000-2002

  • Responsible for supervision of student staff; creation and continued coordination of staff schedules.
  • Supervise the day-to-day operations of the library and continued expansion of further services and materials offered to students, e.g., collection development.
  • Oversee current University Library School interns and assign duties in conjunction with their current studies.
  • Maintenance of library website that was originally established while I was serving as a student assistant.

Skills required: Database Design, Database Management, MS Access, Dreamweaver, HTML and Web Development, Customer Relationship Management.

Office Manager/Tech-support/Webmaster: 1992-2003

  • Responsible for all clients’ information on their message centers through various mediums, i.e., telephone, fax, e-mail and the sending of files via proprietary software.
  • Provided phone and on-site technical support.
  • Created and maintained a database used to track clients.
  • Established company’s initial website in 1996. Off-line in 2003.

Skills required: Phone Tech Support/Customer Service, Database Design, Web Design.