Athletic Gerrymandering

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Hello Interwebs,


Its time for my annual complaint regarding the College Football Playoff system that I've had since its inception in 2014.


Now I want to say first off I'm completely in agreement there was a need for a playoff. Times change. Economics surely change. Older methods of the past sometimes no longer apply to the needs of the now. The ideas of a co-champion (yes it was an occasional fundamental flaw in days of past) melted away and the need for the top teams to determine a champion on the field became an overwhelming priority. It just makes sense. Most often teams ranked #1 and #2 hardly ever played each other do to standardized college football scheduling. However, the NCAA got the format wrong when the established a committee to determine the playoff teams.




Absolutely no.


I have found that whenever humans get involved problems will arise.


Which is why I preferred the previous BCS System. The concept of a playoff only needed to be appended to it -- not thrown out the window.


The BCS was a compilation of multiple different factors. Stength of schedule. Points. The various weighting of the major polls. Humans poured these ingredients into the super computer then were upset with the result.




Why did humans think they were right and the final computerized result was wrong? Human arrogance no doubt. Arrogance plus elbow twisting by college football power houses -- conferences and individual schools -- attempting to qualify why they should have a seat at the playoff table. Maybe the computer was correct? Maybe the algorithms had it right? The playoffs should be a privilege not a right. This is football not the Constitution.


As I said at the beginning I am in favor of a Division I FBS playoff. So I felt the simplest solution was the one discarded. Keep the BCS rankings as they were calculated. Put "series" back into the Bowl Championship Series. Then, on a designated day at the end of November (maybe include it with the Heisman presentation?) announce the final BCS standings. Then take the top 4 in the BCS and make them the playoff teams to compete for the national championship.


What is so difficult about doing that?


It's not what happened of course. The entire "selection committee" was established.


The committee is supposed to adhere to some differential criteria. Scores. Strength of conference, schedule, but it does give itself an out by saying they can also select a school that is "more deserving." Quite nebulous.


By having a committee select the teams to compete in the playoff the NCAA effectively diminished the process to all-star balloting.


That is still what remains wrong and corrupt about college football. I enjoy college football -- more so than the NFL -- but the fact remains the end result of the current college football playoff and selection committee is athletic gerrymandering


Dear college football, tear down this wall! Dissolve the committee. Re-establish the BCS Rankings and then take the top 4 teams and place them into the college football playoffs.

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