Time for a change: Libri Sibyllini 2.0

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It’s time for a change. All things run their course, and in time (very much like Spring cleaning) there comes a point when it’s best to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

That’s where I’m at with my personal blog and website Libri Sibyllini. I originally started it as a test of myself on how to install/configure/design not just a blog but MySQL, PHP, Apache, and other components associated with the personal project I was working on. I’m a firm believer that if you want to learn about something it’s important to do it. When I was learning SQL there’s only so much you can learn from a book. A book will give you the game plan -- the syntax -- the X’s and O’s of structure, but the one thing it can’t teach you is the experience. Hence, paradoxically, we learn by failure. Develop a test environment (hopefully not on a production server) and have at it. Get your hands dirty and start working with it. Then and only then can you develop a measure of experience and the strange and foreign will gradually melt away to the familiar -- and that’s where confidence in what you’re doing begins.

That’s where I was about 5+ years ago when I started Libri Sibyllini. I wanted a personal blog and website but I didn’t want to just go to a free hosting service and spin up a blog. I wanted to learn the internals, and I downloaded WordPress and had at it. Now, after several years, I’ve taken it as far as I can with the look and design of it. Like a car with about 150K miles it’s time to trade it in and give it an extreme make-over and start fresh. Yes, I’m aware that I could migrate the old blog over and/or go with a new theme, but I felt it’s best just to start new.

So I welcome you to the new Libri Sibyllini. I’ll be continuing to post items related to libraries, technology, and databases that I feel that are newsworthy. Some items will be for technical professional reference, and others might be on the lighter tone. I also intend for the new site to be a part archive for these items for later reference. You can take the librarian off the reference desk but you can’t take the reference desk out of the librarian. Therefore my goal is to structure it a little more thoroughly than I did in version 1.0.

As always I thank you for visiting my site blog, and for following me on Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn.

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