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So Ends the Windows Phone

They were outdated before distributed: (via BI) NYPD is giving up on its 36,000 Windows phones and moving to iPhone /

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Apple's VPNs in China

Yeah, considering it was a law and all: (via BBC) Apple defends complying with China over VPNs /

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Apple vs. Qualcomm

Complaints over "license fee:" (via ZDNet) Apple lawsuit accuses Qualcomm of operating illegal business model /

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All of the Apple Chips in One Basket

Having all of your apples in one basket: (via Reuters) Imagination Technologies' shares plunge 70 percent after Apple ditches firm /

More on Apple dropping its graphics supplier:

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Cyber-security: iOS Is Not Immune

A friend of mine often says, "Do you want to make sure all of your devices are secure? Unplug them from the Internet. Exactly. For all the benefits of "the Internet of things" [IoT] they're all susceptible. If it's on the Internet it can be hacked. Plain and simple.


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