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iPhone and the All Writs Act

A summary on the latest on Apple vs. the FBI (or is it vice versa?) with linked descriptions on the All Writs Act.

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Apple's Kobayashi Maru

News articles relating on the Apple vs. FBI square off. Apple getting support from Google and Mozilla:

Additional news stories added 3/6/2016.

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Watching Over You

Big brother: (via BLBG) Apple Says U.K. Surveillance Law Would Endanger All Clients /

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Patent Litigation

There has been lawsuits recently filed against companies which use HTTPS protocols on their websites and through online services: (via ZDNet) CryptoPeak HTTPS patent cases settled out of court /

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Apple Badgered By Chip Suit

Looks like the University of Wisconsin is accusing Apple of stealing their microchip technology. The patent was issued in 1998, and the Badgers filed a similar suit on Intel in 2008:

(via BBC) Apple facing huge chip patent bill after losing case /


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