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USB Shipped with Malware

Getting more than you want for your money: (via ZDNet) IBM warns of malware on USB drives shipped to customers /

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When Outsourcing Gets Hacked

When your outsourcing gets hacked: (via PCW) Chinese hackers go after third-party IT suppliers to steal data / | #SaaS #PaaS

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GetHub Malware Attack

Lookout GetHub: (via PCW) Open-source developers targeted in sophisticated malware attack /

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Not the audit you were looking for...

Shooting yourself in the foot: (via PCW) Some HTTPS inspection tools might weaken security /

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Gentleman Start Your Patching Engines

If you read the technology news this week you'll note that Wikileaks is at it again. Now comes the mad dash by all software companies (and a lot of long nights ahead by developers!) to begin patching their code. Which proves the point that if you want the most secure 100% method of not being hacked on your phone/tablet/laptop or any electronic device -- keep it in airplane mode and disconnect it from the Interwebs. Here are some articles from the week:


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