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Who Carries Insurance for Self-driving Vehicles?

From the article, "The alliance not only marks an end to Daimler's efforts to develop an autonomous car largely on its own, but moves the auto industry's ambitions beyond simply developing prototype vehicles towards industrial-scale production of self-driving cars."

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The price of a business tweet...

Tweeting at a price: (via Reuters) Twitter explores subscription-based option for first time /

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Self driving cars need a good layout...

As always it's location, location, location: (via CNet) When it comes to self-driving cars, not all cities are created equal /

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Unplugging the water cooler...

IBM is going to begin to curtail the option of working from home. The claim that the water cooler effect with its unplanned meetings leads to greater collaboration and innovation. The notion is you need that physical interaction.

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Robocop Comes to Life

There goes another job. Move along citizen: (via Telgrph) Real-life Robocops will soon replace human police /



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