Technology futures

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Big Data Analytics Expansion

Big Data is about to get a whole lot bigger: (via ZDNet) Amazon Web Services gets serious about big data analytics /

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Where are they now?

They'll ask the same of QR codes in 20 years: (via NPR) Big Internet Brands Of The '90s /

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School Library: The Next Generation

A great quote from the article, “Our library is now more like the workspace of the future,” adds Ackroyd’s fellow librarian, Ida Mae Craddock, who previously taught English at the school. “Kids who graduate from here will be more productive in those environments.”

(via Mindshift) What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Lke? /

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The Internet: Not Just Text Anymore

New technology assisting the blind. Lots of potential here:

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Speeding things up

First came the storage space (500 MB hard drives to 500 GB -- and I won't even get into the SSDs); now comes the leap to even more speed:


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