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He Said She Said They Didn't Say

I have some reservations regarding this technology. I file it under the Jurassic Park heading that, just because you can clone dinosaurs doesn't give your the moral right to actually go ahead and do it. Don't get me wrong. I'm all about new technology, new technology trends, and I'm generally in favor of any technology or gadget that is a tool that will make my life easier. Not every tool or gadget invented is for me, or for my use, nor am I the target audience, but generally speaking if it assists then I like it. GPS on my cell phone is a great example.

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Down the hall and to your left

I suppose this is where we are supposed to say, "I for one welcome our robot concierge overlords." As we become more Internet of Things, more electronic, and  yes, more less human, the robot concierge was inevitable.

(via ZDnet) Hilton's IBM Watson Robot:

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SQL Server: Coming to a Linux Box Near You

There was a little shock in the database community today. Microsoft will be releasing a version of SQL Server database engine to run on Linux. A version, at least a release candidate, should be ready at some point (depending on which article you read) mid-2017.

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Have You Plonked?

There is a new search engine on the Interwebs. Not to be confused with Plinko: (CNet) New search engine for business "Plonked" /

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Meet Atlas

Meet Atlas. There is no word on whether or not he'll compete on the next American Gladiators.

For clarification as the article states, "Atlas was created to perform disaster recovery in places unsafe for humans, such as damaged nuclear power plants." Which to me sounds logical and in a way another version of bomb disposal robotic units.


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