Technology futures

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MS Underwater Data Centre

Meanwhile, deep below the ocean surface... (via BBC) Microsoft tests underwater data centre /

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Technology: A Librarian Duty

"The job title librarian just doesn’t cover it these days."

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The Next Tech Wave

When you see how far mobile technology has come in the last dozen years, can virtual reality be the next big trend? Generally speaking Google generally has a good nose for these type of futures:

(via Forbes) Why Is Google Increasing Its Focus on Virtual Reality? /

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Wikipedia is 15

The comment is kind of wrong. I don't believe anyone, librarians, nor myself ever said "Don't use Wikipedia." The point has always been don't make it the single source of information when conducing research. In fact Wikipedia can be a good starting point when formulating research to other sources. That being said there are some nice points regarding the next stage in Wikipedia's growth, and challenges for diversity in a male dominated tech arena:

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The 3D Pill

The 3D Pill: (via BBC) First 3D-printed pill approved by US authorities /

Quote from article: "For the last 50 years we have manufactured tablets in factories and shipped them to hospitals and for the first time this process means we can produce tablets much closer to the patient," said Dr Mohamed Albed Alhnan, a lecturer in pharmaceutics at the University of Central Lancashire.


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