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Best Encryption Messaging Apps

It is no revelation that I am always on the look out for good messaging apps. In the Apple Ecosystem there is iMessage, and that's basically it. Even though many other apps are available too few people that I come across ever investigate them. (Which is really a shame.) I am sure that it is because Apple restricts their users to iMessage not so much for E2EE capability but to send SMS messages for those outside of the iMessage network. In other words standard antiquated text messaging.
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It's about to get a whole lot messy for some: (via TR) Beware the looming Google Chrome HTTPS certificate apocalypse! / https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/02/07/beware_the_coming_chrome_certificate_apocalypse/


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Now Past 50 Percent Barrier

Passing 50%: (via ZDNet) Google: This surge in Chrome HTTPS traffic shows how much safer you now are online / http://www.zdnet.com/article/google-this-surge-in-chrome-https-traffic-shows-how-much-safer-you-now-are-online/

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Libraries Failing in HTTPS

I posted this on Twitter a few days ago, but I'm adding it here for reference as well. Unfortunately this is a very serious issue. Librarians advocate privacy, prideful in using the latest technologies, and yet our libraries are failing in one of the most fundamental core components of the Internet when it comes to encryption and security.


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