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Interest Not Level

It was never intended that way: (via SLJ) Fountas and Pinnell Say Librarians Should Guide Readers by Interest, Not Level /

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Mile High Reading Program

Offering more than a bag of peanuts: (via IEX) Libraries added to easyJet flights to encourage children to read /

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School Library: The Next Generation

A great quote from the article, “Our library is now more like the workspace of the future,” adds Ackroyd’s fellow librarian, Ida Mae Craddock, who previously taught English at the school. “Kids who graduate from here will be more productive in those environments.”

(via Mindshift) What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Lke? /

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The 27 Percent

Apparently 27% feel there's not need for collaboration. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Apparently there are those that feel academic segregation is the key to greater student success? Because when you don't collaborate students achieve? Think there are some flaws in that logic.

(via eCampus) Faculty: Why should we collaborate with campus librarians? /

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Weeding: Making a Decision

In case you missed it an excellent article on making a determination on weeding, establishing policy, and guidelines for weeding a library collection. The most important thing to remember as it relates in the K-12 environment is that a school library is not a museum.


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