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Privacy Concerns in K-12 Sector

Everyone is concerned about privacy these days, and rightfuly so. Big data, analytics, and data mining are great tools manifesting great research capability for decision makers, but at what cost? How does it effect the K-12 industry as well?

A total of 14 companies have addressed this issue by at the very least acknowledging the importance of it. Indeed it maybe a drop in the ocean, but when such things are in their infancy its usually the small drops that create the bigger ripples.

See article for further details.

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SLMS in Elementary Libraries

A link to NYLA/SSL's official statement regarding school library media specialists at the elementary level:

(PDF) NYLA/SSL Position Statement Elementary School Librarians in Every School, 2014

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10 Things Teachers Need to Know

Specifically, this is 10 things classroom teachers need to know about school librarians, and it comes from

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