Data breach

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Verizon Customer Data Leak

When 2-factor Authentication Is Not Enough: (via ZDNet) Security experts warn of account risks after Verizon customer data leak /

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ECMC Heathcare Data Breach

When data breaches hit healthcare:



So far so good:

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When the Firewalls Come Tumbling Down

I tweeted one of these articles out earlier. Here are a few more. For the second time inside a year the Trump Hotel chain suffers a data breach:

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Paying For Data Breach

The article states, "...the breach included the theft of data pertaining to about 56 million payment cards, as well as 53 million email addresses, making it one of the largest to date."

#DataBreaches | (via PCW) Home Depot will pay up to $19.5 million for massive 2014 data breach /

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