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The Road Less Traveled Partnership

Helping to find the road less traveled: (via VB) Waze and Waycare strike data-sharing pact to improve city traffic:

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Unraveling the Consumer Onion

Dissecting the "stable geniuses:" (via BBC) Facebook explored unpicking personalities to target ads /

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You mean they share data?

Apps collected data? Shocked! Shocked I say! (via Wired) Internet Privacy: 7 out of 10 Smartphone Apps Are Sharing Your Data /

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NoSQL and the Splice Machine

There's always a lot of things to weigh, and depending on the project you need to rank them on your own. No one else can do that. Do you go with NoSQL when envisioning growth, or do you select a [more traditional?] solution because [the lack of ACID] isn't in your comfort zone. This almost seems like a chance to make that connection much like peanut butter and chocolate to achieve objectives of your current project.

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Big Data Analytics Expansion

Big Data is about to get a whole lot bigger: (via ZDNet) Amazon Web Services gets serious about big data analytics /

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