Big data

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You mean they share data?

Apps collected data? Shocked! Shocked I say! (via Wired) Internet Privacy: 7 out of 10 Smartphone Apps Are Sharing Your Data /

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Turn About Is Fair Play?

We know what you browsed last summer: (via BBC) Campaigners seek 'to sell US politicians' browsing data' /

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Big Data Analytics Expansion

Big Data is about to get a whole lot bigger: (via ZDNet) Amazon Web Services gets serious about big data analytics /

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ISPs, Privacy, AND YOU!

This article reviews what is currently in processing for newer privacy legislation for Big Brother, and how the data is processed.
From the article, "Your broadband or wireless service provider will have to explicitly ask for your permission before any of your personal data can be shared with an advertiser. But those companies will still be able to use that information to send targeted advertising to you about their own services. If you're a Verizon Fios TV customer, Verizon can still use your data to send you relevant advertisements about its wireless service."

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BigData: Anti-trust Watchdog

European commission admits they haven't found instances as of yet, but they're on the lookout. The concern is the use of BigData to thwart healthy competition.

Article states, "When vetting merger proposals, the amount of data that companies control and the availability of other sources of comparable information are key concerns for the Commission."


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