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Seven, Seven

We are now passed the mid-point of the year 2020. Things always change after six full months, but no one could have predicted that things would change this much. Global events have a way to make sure of that. The world was never the same after Nine Eleven.

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Athletic Gerrymandering

Hello Interwebs,


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Changing the Culture of Buffalo Sports

The Buffalo Sabres and Bills are a lot more like the Chicago Blackhawks, the William “Dollar Bill” Wirtz era Chicago Blackhawks, then fans would care to admit. Pro sports is all about culture. A culture of winning breeds winning. It makes not only the franchise lucrative but it also becomes an attractive place to be a part of for front office executives, player free agents, and draft picks.

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Sabres: Sink or Swim

I haven’t written for some time so I thought I’d throw up a blog post entry. We’ll start off small with a sports related item. Specifically a Buffalo Sports related item.

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