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Google Ouroboros Day 0

Thank God. It's over. Thank all Google technicians, the ones I spoke to, and the ones I didn't, on getting my situation resolved. I can now say I've once again reclaimed access to my account after, rather stupid and foolishly, locking myself out with bad and outdated recovery information preventing me from getting back in.

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Google Ouroboros Day 11


I have been trying everything and any link I can think of in order to get back into my Google account. All have proven fruitless. As I've said repeatedly what angers me most is given how valuable our accounts are (I'm assuming we all have important items on gDrive, gDocs, gSheets, etc.) there would be a few more options by Google in order to help us get back in when disaster hits. Not just two options.

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Google Ouroboros Day 7

Rightly or wrongly, I've decided to start tracking my correspondence with Google One. As one can imagine it is a simple circle of stock replies of how they cannot help me beyond what the current infrastructure is in in place. I get that. My frustration lies in the fact we cannot move past that. Instead of repeatedly explaining to me the limitations of the current system, what can be done to move beyond this?
  • Can you bump this up the chain?
  • Can you forward my suggestion as an enhancement request?
  • Can this be looked into?
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My Google Ouroboros

I'm going to say at the outset I've done something stupid. Really stupid. We all have from time to time. There's something about serving as a warning to others. Don't do what I did. Of course, like many frustrating situations, you don't know what you've done until after the fact. As was in my case.
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When Disaster Recovery Plans Fail

Backup systems not valid unless regularly tested: (via PCW) Power surge at British Airways data center causes flight chaos / http://www.pcworld.com/article/3198854/backup-recovery/power-surge-at-british-airways-data-center-causes-flight-chaos.html

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