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Google and Student Privacy Allegations

Allegations come over house data was collected from Chromebooks: (via eSchoolNews) Digital rights group alleges Google invades student privacy:

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Student Data Use And Google

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) accused Google of collecting and storing data from children using its products at school. Google denies the claim -- data usage was to improve Google products and services, "...that the practice was not in line with its commitment to the Student Privacy Pledge, which prohibits it from misusing children's data."

Read more: (via BBC) Google denies claims it broke child-data promises /

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Data Sharing

A wealth of information just asking to be mined by everyone:
(via Reuters) Cyber data-sharing measure headed for Senate approval /

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Privacy Guidelines for eBooks

Important links I'm placing here for reference:

(via American Libraries Magazine) New Privacy Guidelines for eBooks /

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The Privacy Battle

In keeping with the privacy theme this week here is a link to a NPR interview with Mikko Hyppönen -- described as a "white hat" hacker. The NPR article identifies the moniker as one of the good hackers.


He makes a clear distinction on what this privacy battle is all about. He states,

This is not a question of privacy against security. It's a question of freedom against control.


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