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Rules Of Engagement

Hello Interwebs,


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Defending the Realm

You better believe it: (via LitHub) Librarians Will Guard Your Privacy With Their Lives /

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Free TV Streaming

All you need is your library card: (via TH) The latest free streaming TV service: Your public library /

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Mile High Reading Program

Offering more than a bag of peanuts: (via IEX) Libraries added to easyJet flights to encourage children to read /

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The Wall Street Library

I'm sure the libraries thought it was a good idea at the time. Now, less so. This is not meant to be a political or ideological commentary. However, and there's a big however here, a business's job is to maximize profit not to maximize service. That is what it is. It is what it will always be. It is an economic law. Sometimes services are enhanced, upgrades, because both sides have a common goal.


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