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Will anyone miss it?

Enter Sandman: (via ZDNet) Windows Phone 8.1 is officially dead /

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Pixel 2 Camera

So what's with that camera? (via BGR) New leaks show us Google’s Pixel 2 phones, and there’s some bad news /

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The one that got away

The news sounds fishy: (via Forbes) Google Leak Reveals Massive Pixel 2 Cancellation /

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You mean they share data?

Apps collected data? Shocked! Shocked I say! (via Wired) Internet Privacy: 7 out of 10 Smartphone Apps Are Sharing Your Data /

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Getting More Like Apple Every Day

This has no doubt been on Google's agenda for sometime. Call it there desire to un-ring a bell of a failed business plan structure. They had previously thrown Android OS into the wild. Different phone manufactuers gobbled it up. Which worked for a while, but then things began to slide off the rails. Too many flavors of the same ice cream sandwich.


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